How I Juggle Everything

Hellooo everyone! How are you all? I hope you are all doing well because today you are learning one of my tricks. How I juggle everything. Well, you wanna skip the blogpost and just read the trick here? Ok, the trick is…. that there is no trick. Yeah, I know that was a pain but if you really wanna get deep, just scroll down!

Be the change that you wish to see in the world

Ok, so let’s start with my old mindset. What was it you ask? Well, I thought that if I didn’t feel the strain and if I felt relaxed, I wasn’t doing anything right and that I’m going to get bad marks on everything. Yeah, um that’s not the way to go and it will never be the way to go.

With me, I’m still in school. I still have assessments and all that jazz. No matter what happens in my life, I always put school before everything. I haven’t really appreciated school till nowdays but I am really truly blessed to be able to receive an education and I really need to make the most of it no matter how much an effort it takes me. School is one of the most important things in my life and even though I truly love this blog, my schoolwork comes first.

Only then do I do the jazz with my blog. I can tell you know that I don’t really have a life. I do dance, piano, flute, school and this blog. This just repeats everyday and that is basically my life. Usually for my blog, I’m always for a lookout for aesthetic pictures. If I find something that might fit into my theme, I go and take a picture of it and edit it when I’m on the bus or something. I then put the photo onto Preview and then voila! I have a bunch of pictures just waiting to be posted.

So since my Instagram is taken care of, let’s talk about my blog. Like this one. I always write blogposts when I want to. You know that sudden urge of energy ot do something and then your super productive with that one particular thing? Yeah, that’s me with this blog. I love it and I built this website off my blood, sweat and tears. I obviously stop when I actually need to do my work but I just write and write and write until all my inspiration is gone. I then do my thumbnails and if your interested in how I do that, I mentioned everything in my ‘How I Plan My Content’ blogpost. I find this kind of helps my creativity restore and I also like making my thumbnails so it’s kind of a win win!

Ok, enough of my blabbering. The question is how I juggle everything. Well, I slot in my time to do this an that. If I’m stretching my feet after ballet at home, I write my Instagram post at the same time. If I have 2 min to do something, I would make my thumbnails. If I’m just bored, writing blogposts is what is going to take me out of my boredom. My tip is to make sure that you use your time wisely because even though I don’t have a life, I still think that I don’t have enough time to do everything that I want.

I hope this blogpost was somewhat useful. If you did actually find some use in this, please go and let me know by giving this a like and if you haven’t already, please go and check out my Instagram page, which will be linked down below. I hope you all have such a wonderful day! Byeee!!

xxx, Michelle

Instagram – @michelle.blogss

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